About Christina


In order of importance, I am a mom, a wife, a certified Family Peer Support Worker, a certified Flourishing Life, Wellness and Relationship Coach,  and I have been an educator for the past 17 years. I have been a mentor for the Alberta Association of Peer Support, a Peer Support Trainer, Facilitator and Mentoring Team Lead as well as a Peer Team Administrator with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

I am passionate about mental health support because of my lived experience with family addictions and mental illness. I have navigated the systems of youth to adult services in both physical and mental health, addiction services to become educated about a family members addictions and the mental health system as it relates to Peer Support and mental illness.

I have raised twin boys who both have special needs and I have weathered the storm of addiction as a caregiver. We have overcome some incredible obstacles that some might have seen as insurmountable. Through lived experiences, I have learned more about resilience and courage then I could ever learn in a book.

I started this company because of both my personal and professional experiences.

I have worked in schools from elementary through high school. Through my work with students in facilitating leadership groups, GSA’s and working as a Student Support Services Learning Leader I became acutely aware of the growing need for mental health support for families and youth. Additional work with mental health organizations, corporations and committees, such us the Forest Lawn Youth Health Committee and the City of Calgary,  shed further light on the gaps and motivated me to do something about it.